Members of the CTN 61!

Costa Rica Aerospace Cluster received a special invitation to join the National Aerospace Technical Committee (Comité Técnico Nacional Aeroespacial, CTN 61).

This committee is created by the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (Instiuto de Normas Técnicas de Costa Rica, INTECO ) as an initiative from the university of Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) and includes different groups representing public universities, government organizations, companies and associations.

The goal of this committee is to officially develop the international standards needed in the aerospace industry right here in our country, for example AS9100 standard. To have local certifiers, auditors and trainings will give important competitive advantages to our cluster members that need to implement and maintain this kind of standards.

Kick-off meeting was held in March 3 and we are glad to be part of this important effort! Also we are very glad that seven members of the CRAC are also being part of this committee: Avionyx, Four Wings Group, GJ Cargo, Olympic Precision Machining, TechShop, TicoElectronics and TLS.

Our own cluster manager, Esteban Carrillo, was chosen as president of the committee along with Victor Julio Hernández from TEC as vice president. All the best wishes for them and the rest of the members, so they can continue develop and grow aerospace industry in Costa Rica.

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